Paul Peterson, M. D.

Board Certified Psychiatrist in Manchester

Helping you to find balance in your life

Dr. Paul Peterson is a clinical assistant professor who has helped hundreds of patients to get over depression, anxiety, PTSD and relationship problems.
He believes in a non-judgmental and collaborative therapeutic relationship and ready to help those suffering from any kind of affective disorders.




Unipolar and bipolar depression treatment with effective SSRIs and SNRIs and cognitive behaviour therapy.



Anxiety is the most common affective disorder and often can be treated without medication.



Dr. Peterson is a PTSD specialist, he applies the latest protocols to help his patients with the complex symptoms of PTSD.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Reducing the symptoms with a 3 step plan with significant improvement of quality of life.


Personality Disorders

Improving and treating personality disorders with therapy is a longer process, commitment is required to stay on the path of success.


Substance dependence

Drug and alcohol abuse and dependence treatment with the combination of medication and therapy.

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Patients say

“When I first met Dr. Peterson he gave me very precise and detailed information about my disease and the treatment he advised. In a few sessions I started to feel better and my PTSD symptoms finally disappeared. I’m so greatful!”

“Dr. Peterson has helped me to overcome anxiety and depression. He really understood my problems and applied a complex therapy which was a real game changer for me.”


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